Brill Pharma Spain



Our Spanish subsidiary, Brill Pharma, based in Barcelona, was established in September 2012. It markets innovative niche products as brands in dermatology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, and rheumatology. These include the ‘Mask’ range of creams for acne, the ‘Hylo’ range of ophthalmic products, and innovative products such as ‘Ciruplas’. The company employs over 50 representatives promoting brands across the country, and has shown a steady growth in a short span of time. Brill Pharma is set to launch its generic division in November 2014. For further details, please visit

Axcount Generica



Acquired in April 2013, our German subsidiary Axcount Generica is based in Friedrichsdorf. The company has over 130 products registered and has successfully participated in a number of tenders for pharmaceutical products. To expand its product portfolio and deliver value to its customers, the company will draw on synergies with our UK manufacturing plant and high volume sourcing capabilities. For further details, please visit

Brill Pharma India


The Brill Pharma operation in Mumbai was established in 2012 to provide support and enhance our sourcing capabilities from Asia and China. The SAP implemented supply chain, logistics, provides support in cost effective sourcing. A team of well qualified and trained quality assurance specialists ensure satisfactory regulatory compliance of third party sourcing.